Who are you?

We're two mechanical engineering students trying to create cool stuff.

What programs do you use?

At university, we're using a CAD program, but for pivots.ch we only work with Blender.

Where are you from?

Switzerland. Near Zurich.

Where can I buy your 3D printed objects?

You can buy them at our Shapeways Shop.

Why don't you have your own shop?

We don't have printers for metal and it is by far easier to let Shapeways take care of shipping and payment.

Are these really Questions people frequently asked you or are you just inventing possible ones?

The latter, for most part.

Okay, just checking.

That's alright.

Why are you making designs?

Because it's an amazing feeling holding something in your hand that you've created (sounds like having a baby). The great thing is that those are often things which wouldn't have been possible without 3D printing. It's the future. And we want to be part of it.

I heard you are nerdfighers. Is that true?

Actually, yes. Especially me (Andreas Arcaro). I've been watching vlogbrothers video for years (starting back in the days when it was called Brotherhood 2.0) and have read most books by John Green. If I lived in the US, I would have visited VidCon as well. Maybe someday.

Can I write you on facebook or an E-Mail with feedback, design suggestions or just to ask a question?

You sure can, no problem.