"Boris Stolz and me founded 'Pivots.ch' on the 9th of decemeber 2013. We both had training with CAD programmes and each of us designed a ring to be printed by 3D printers. These would lead the way to found the company a few days later with the intention of something small, a hobby more than a company.

We started - and currently still are - using Shapeways for most of our 3D prints. The first month we had two Shapeways orders pending: One with some objects made thanks to our CAD programme, and the second batch was made with Blender, the graphics programme we still use today. The second badge was designed to consist of the first designs we would sell. The element rings were part of it, as well as some others. They arrived and we were very happy about the results. We couldn't wait designing more things.

Our Shapeways shop opened on the 16th of february. A week later, I did the first photo shoot with a friend of mine. It went better than expected. More and more 3D prints we ordered from Shapeways arrived. Our skills grew, along with our passion. Social medias were always updated, and soon some designs were sold.

We thought if we keep working on "Pivots.ch", we might as well do it right. So we designed a booklet, had more photo shoots, went to presentations from local 3D printing companies, got in contact with big names and started investing more time in the advancements in 3D printing.

In short: We are a small company looking ahead into the future. We're expanding our foundation. We're on the rise."

- Andi Arcaro