You will learn how to use the free and open-source graphics suite "Blender3D" with which you can create, texture and animate 3D models. You will be able to create your own models, give them suitable and realistic materials, animate and render them into high quality pictures and video files. We will create a chess board and all its pieces.

Useful for 3D printing, video games, art, presentations, commercials, and more!

Requirements: Notebook and mouse. No software knowledge necessary.

All courses are by default in german. If requested by several people or groups, an additional course in english may be added.

The course will take place at the Forum44, Vordere Vorstadt 13, in Aarau. You will find more information and the registration form here.


3D Design 3D-1 Einsteiger 10 x Do 24.08.2017 09.11.2017 18:00 20:00 750.-/50.-*
3D Design 3D-2 Einsteiger 10 x Mi 11.10.2017 20.12.2017 18:00 20:00 750.-/50.-*
* Kursunterlagen